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Cute Animal Christmas Greetings Cards available

Beautifully designed, cute animal greetings cards by Etsy contributor xxLadyBaba using watercolour paint and ink, scanned and printed on 300gsm white paper. A portion of the proceeds will come to Second Chance Wildlife providing us additional funding to support our real-life native animals in care. Don't miss out! Buy yours now! Read more

Netting Fruit Trees and Gardens

Netting intended for saving fruits from animals can also be a death trap! Read more

Wildfacts: Pesky Possums? No Way!

The Common Brushtail and Ringtail possums are the two most common possums in Urban Melbourne and have adapted well to the urban lifestyle. Read more

Wildfacts: Common Bronzewing

With a low, repeated 'oom' sound, the common bronzewing is often thought to sound like an owl.  Read more

Wildfacts: Superb Lyrebird

With extreme vocal prowess, the male superb lyrebird could easily fool any passerby. Read more