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How to help a baby bird

Video from Wildlife Victoria demonstrating how to help a baby bird Read more

How to check if a dead marsupial has a baby in the pouch

Wildlife Victoria video demonstrating how to check for pouch young. Read more

Cute Animal Christmas Greetings Cards available

Beautifully designed, cute animal greetings cards by Etsy contributor xxLadyBaba using watercolour paint and ink, scanned and printed on 300gsm white paper. A portion of the proceeds will come to Second Chance Wildlife providing us additional funding to support our real-life native animals in care. Don't miss out! Buy yours now! Read more

Netting Fruit Trees and Gardens

Netting intended for saving fruits from animals can also be a death trap! Read more

Wildfacts: Pesky Possums? No Way!

The Common Brushtail and Ringtail possums are the two most common possums in Urban Melbourne and have adapted well to the urban lifestyle. Read more