Kangaroo Joey, Male – Smiths Gully


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Hello. I’m a little kangaroo joey boy. I was just hanging out with mum when suddenly there was a bang. Mum fell over and then she stopped moving. I couldn’t hear her breathe. A nice man had found my mum and saw me in her pouch, scared and hungry.

The man called The Wildlife Rescuers and they organised for SECOND CHANCE WILDLIFE to assist.

I’m only a little roo – I need the help from my new carers so I can be big and strong just like my mum was.

If you SPONSOR ME, SECOND CHANCE WILDLIFE will provide you regular updates on my progress right up to when I’m old enough to go to my release shelter.

Your sponsorship will support Second Chance to pay for the food and medication I require to get me ready to go to the next stage in my preparation for the wild.