Wildfacts: Common Bronzewing

Adult Common Bronzewing

With a low, repeated ‘oom’ sound, the common bronzewing is often thought to sound like an owl.Ā 

Phaps chalcopteraĀ is a native member of the pigeon family. Similar to all bronezwings, the common bronzewing has a beautiful ‘sheen’ on its wings.

The birds primarily eat seeds and vegetables. They will feed on the ground in small groups. They need to drink regularly and will often be found near water sources.

Common Bronezwings build rough nests of twigs and sticks in trees low to the ground or in bushes. They lay two eggs per clutch and the male and female share the care of the young birds. As with other pigeons, Common Bronezwings secrete a milk-like substance from their crop for their young to consume.


Common Bronzewing
ScientificĀ Name Phaps chalcoptera
Diet Seeds and vegetables on the ground.
Appearance 30-36cm; medium-sized pigeon. Male has a cream forehead and pink breast; female with a grey forehead. Both have a bright white line around the eyes and below. Wings have patches of red, green and blue.
Natural Threats Large aerial predators, such as:

  • Goshawks
  • Falcons
Human Threats
  • Cats
  • Foxes
  • Deforestation
Habitat Found in almost all habitats except the dry, barren areas and densest forests. Normally found near water.
Juvenile Bronzewing.
Photo credit: JABS


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